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We, the true Ancient Egyptians predate and are the parents of all religions on the planet, dating back over 100,000 years years. We birthed the Atlanteans and those of Mu.

We, the true Ancient Egyptians were the first to record religious doctrine, the first to use magic which became the root of religious miracles. In fact, we were the first to record, and the first to pray, of which we called Ashutat.

We, the true Ancient Egyptians were the first to set up rituals ceremonies, initiations, temples, chapels and lodges that later became churches, synagogues and mosques.

We, The true Ancient Egyptians were the first to respect nature as a whole and set up symbolism for recognition for each living thing. We have been duplicated, perpetrated, imitated, but never replicated. Many have “borrowed” from us and set up great institutions pretending to the world that they do not know or remember their source.

Followers of the Monotheistic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and all others refused to give due recognition to the source of their religious teachings which is Ancient Egypt. Not the Egypt you see today in northeast Africa and not the impersonators who reside there today, but pre-dynastic Egypt, which birthed the 46 dynasties. Everyday, new discoveries are confirming the grandeur and majesty of Ancient Egypt, and the pictures on the wall do not lie.

Welcome To The Final Chapter Of Your Journey. Welcome to “The Supreme Grand Ancient Egyptian Order Society Worldwide”.

A’aferti Atum Haru Hor Aha Amsu Re,
Dr. Sayyid Ali Abdullah Muhammed, DD-06
The Supreme Grand Ancient Egyptian Order Society, Inc.
Division Of Archaeological, Anthropological & Astrological Studies

  • Herew Tut Abekh


  • Eckle Alie

    Greetings Hotepu!

    I accidently came across this website and found it very interesting with an intent to join. Please could you tell me where you are situated as I am in London.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Ms E.Alie

    • Raahubat:

      Please send your request to your Intent to Join the Supreme Grand Ancient Egyptian Order Society, Inc. to:


      An application will be sent to you with additional information that you will need. Thank you for your interest in SGAEOS.

      Hotep Ala Antut

      Elizabeth Y. Wilson
      Supreme Grand Correspondence Director

  • Brendatoxik

    I love what the tribe is doing..deep up the great work. May Anu b with u All….Waadu, Hotep…..Brenda from CT, NB

  • Damuziel

    peace be with us all

  • khematon amon ra

    hetepu my ausars.the best weapon formed is your mind


    RAHUBAAT , ARI SHEPSES am new to family am happy to join there so much formation that is truth to the bone ANUKI NUWAUPAIN-UN! PAA NAZDURA KAWUN MAHADA!

    • Elizabeth Wilson

      Raahubaat Ari. I see that you joined this website…am I right? We do have a Letter of Intent to Join the Supreme Grand Ancient Egyptian Oder Society, Inc. Please view the links on this website…you won’t be disappointed. We have very active groups on Facebook…so please join us there! Libby Hooks, SGAEOD Director of Correspondence

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    We have the knowledge here and speak to people in terms that they OVERstand. Wisdom comes with knowing those you speak with, what to say and how to say it. I was taught by the Master Teacher, Shaykh As-Sayyid Imaam Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi to give something back to a person when you take something away from them. Yes Kemet is the rightful name and it does mean the land of the Blacks; however, how many people know Kemet as Egypt. This is the type of information we give to our people truth. How many people know the original and indigenous name for Africa is ALKEBULAN! We will learn and teach our own….and as it should be taught.

  • Amonethotep

    Hi can someone say what’s happened to ancientegiptianorder.com web address

  • Lovell Crawford Jr

    What do I have to do to join or who do I talk to in Birmingham Alabama

  • Jonathan Samuels El

    Ancien Egypt along the band of peace and the delta was called Kemet and the surrounding desert was called Drsher the encompassing lands thereof was called Ta’mori land of the Moors or beloved. We never called ourselves black black according to science means death and dead organic matter was used to nourish crops and vegetation. Hotep Meru. Anyone who knows please contact me for more info. I was initiated by a high ranking member.

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